Luke, aged 14

Luke, aged 14

Confidence is key

Luke*, from a rural community, recently completed his third intensive Blue Skies Inspired Package (BSIP) as a Yr9 student, having first joined JET during the pandemic in 2020 when he was in Yr7.

Luke was chosen by his teachers to receive JET support because he had significant struggles with his confidence. His teachers hoped that joining JET would allow him to develop self-belief and grow his communication skills so that he could interact and engage more confidently in school.

Doubt to determination

Luke’s teacher explained that even joining JET was a big step for Luke: “When I initially chose Luke to join the Jon Egging Trust I was a little worried as to how he would cope with it. He is a sensitive boy and I was putting him in this group with students he would not normally socialise with. I remember in his first few sessions he was very quiet and did not volunteer any suggestions or answer questions. He would be in the background of any of the activities planned.”

Luke’s teacher says that his JET journey has proved transformational; by the end of his sessions, Luke was stepping forward with confidence to lead activities and games. “He was very vocal with answering questions and suggesting ideas,” says his teacher. “The change in him was amazing! Feedback from Mum was that Luke thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and would go home on a high. I’d like to say a big thank you to the staff who run the fantastic sessions!”

Soaring to new heights

Luke himself has noticing a hugely positive change in his outlook and says Blue Skies has given him the confidence to thrive in the classroom and beyond. “The Jon Egging Trust has helped give me important skills and push myself to try new things. Since I started Blue Skies in year 7, I have taken up archery, joined multiple clubs and pushed myself to fly again. Thank you for this amazing experience!”


*Name changed to protect identity.