Adeline Coignet

Corporate Partnerships Coordinator

I feel very fortunate to have joined JET in April 2023, and I’m delighted to have become part of the team at such an exciting time. It is a privilege to be working alongside people that are so passionate and dedicated to supporting young people to reach their full potential. I’m really looking forward to being a part of building strong relationships with our amazing corporate partners!

I’ve been involved in the charity world for years, both through volunteering and working in fundraising. Currently in the process of completing a PhD at Nottingham University Business School, I have a background in studying entrepreneurship and management, and in being involved in various research projects. Wanting to make a difference, I have developed a passion for working with young people through my placements with The Brilliant Club, tutoring students from less advantaged backgrounds to access the most competitive universities.

I am a highly motivated person, who strongly believes in the impact the right support can make for young people. I find the work achieved by JET through the delivery of the Blue Skies programme inspirational, and I’m excited to be joining the team in making a positive difference to young lives across the country.