Jessica Nugent

Regional Youth Programmes Manager Lincolnshire

Hi, I’m Jess, the Regional Youth Programme Manager for Lincolnshire. I joined the team in September 2022. I’m excited to be part of the Jon Egging Trust, supporting young people in the area that I grew up.

I am currently undertaking my MA in Youth Work and Community Development. This is giving me the essential theoretical understanding which underpins the practical work I have developed over my time as a youth worker. Prior to joining JET, I worked on the Airplay Youth Support Project here in Lincolnshire for 7 years, working in partnership with the RAF and charitable organisations to support military young people and their families. When the opportunity came for me to join JET, I was excited to further expand these partnerships for the benefit of Lincolnshire young people.

Outside of my youth work roles I am also a Tennis Coach at a local town club. Here I get to utilise my love of the sport to support the personal, social, emotional and physical growth of those in my sessions, who range from 1 year olds to over 80’s!

I believe that everyone has the ability to reach their full potential, whatever that may be for them. Life has a tendency to throw barriers in the way which can hamper our personal power to achieve this potential. With the opportunity and support to develop their confidence, resilience and team work, young people are equipped with the skills so vital to realise this goal. I am delighted to join JET as their programmes, with the support of inspiring individuals, ensures that young people are given these opportunities and ultimately supports them to engage with who they are and who they want to be.