Kaye Jackson

Regional Youth Programmes Manager Dorset and Wiltshire

Working with JET is the best job ever! I am so lucky to be working with young people, whether it’s on our flagship Blue Skies programme or shorter programme, Blue Skies Inspire Package. It’s a privilege to introduce them to inspiring people and show them opportunities that encourage them to be the best that they can be. These programmes really work and I know our young people learn so much and gain massive confidence. Here in Dorset we work with a multitude of civilian corporates and also with our Military establishments. We are well supported and the young people get lots of experiences to ignite their interest.

As the Regional Youth Programmes Manager for Dorset and Wiltshire, I developed and expanded our reach in these counties and it’s now my responsibility to manage the JETLOs for these areas so more young people will benefit from our programmes.

I joined JET in 2015 as the Youth Liaison Officer for Dorset when I retired from NATS where I was an Air Traffic Project Specialist. I had been in the WRAF prior to that.