Nicky Mills

Area Director South

I love working for JET and feel so lucky to be part of such a dynamic and positive organisation which puts the young people it works with front and centre. The opportunities the students experience with us are inspiring and powerful and I have seen how transformational they can be.

I am the Area Director South and have over 17 years experience as a youth worker, predominantly working in the voluntary sector. Over the years, I have facilitated a variety of different personal development programmes from working at Fairbridge and the Prince’s Trust to a Pre-Entry to Employment programme with BTCV (now TCV) and can say with confidence that the JET programmes are unique. They open up a whole world of opportunity and experience to the young people through our partnerships with prominent industry leaders, inspirational organisations and military links.

I have an MA in Development Training and a BA in Youth Work. And these qualifications have given me essential theoretical insight which underpin the practical experience I have of working with young people.

I believe that with support young people can achieve their full potential. Building confidence and resilience and developing communication and team working skills are so vital for every one of the students we work with and the JET programmes provide the opportunity to build on these crucial skills.