The sky is not my limit, I am

The sky is not my limit, I am

Level Two Leadership students from Priory Witham Academy entered their high ropes session with trepidation. Some with some very strong views on their inability to do it.

Having said that, with a key focus for the session being on motivation as well as ‘challenge by choice’ our fabulous young people all looked at finding those small moments of gumption which permitted them to challenge the limits they were putting on themselves.

Yes…Everyone has limits. We just have to learn what they are, test and push them when we can. And repeat!

JET students supported each other and pushed personal boundaries on the high ropes at RAFC Cranwell.

The support and words of encouragement all of the young people and volunteers offered in this session were so impactful. The genuine joy, respect, trust and compassion shown towards one another made it a very memorable day for everyone. When asked how they encouraged members of their team today, Marley said by ‘motivating them to climb to the top’ and Callum said by ‘telling them they will be OK.’

‘Our young people don’t always see how helpful and impactful they can be to others but sessions like today gives them confidence that they can make a difference to how others feel.’ JETLO Nicola

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. Illusions through our choice can hold us captive or through our choice can be released to set ourselves free. Many of our young people learned during the session that they were limiting themselves and were equally in control of changing this.

‘When I was going up climbing, my teammates were encouraging me trying to push me…I wanted to push myself!’ Chloe, 15