Endure 24 Reading

Endure 24 Reading

Location: Wasing Park, Reading
Distance: As many loops as possible of the 5-mile course in 24 hours
• £45 pp for solo entry
• £35 pp for Pairs*
• £30 pp for Small Teams (3-5 people)*
• £25 pp for Large Teams (6-8 people)*
• £20 pp for XL Fun Teams (9-12 people)*

*Team captain pays entry fee for entire team I.e. for a team of 4 the team captain will pay £120
Minimum fundraising: £250 pp

About the race:
Endure24, a 24h relay race where endurance knows no bounds. A thrilling mix of anticipation and
adrenaline to test you mental and physical fitness against on the backdrop of beautiful trails. Run as
a solo or as a team as you push yourself and each other further. The only question remains is How
far will you go?

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere you’ll find at Endure24, from the incredible support of your
fellow participants and those watching on, to the festival style campsite with all the food and drink
your heart (and stomach) desires!

About the Venue:
Wasing Parking is set within the beautiful Berkshire countryside amongst 22 acres which include a
Manor House, walled gardens, and lakes. The 8km route ensures you’ll cover all the stunning areas
of this unique venue.

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